What People Are Saying

Dear Dr. Lois W. Bristow,

I read your book “Death Comes Not As A Stranger”  and I found it answers many questions for me.

I have lived some 80 odd years and seen death up close in the Pacific during World War II.  In 1971 I sustained a gun shot wound to the chest during a robbery.  The first doctor that saw me said: “Get him out of here I don’t want him dying on me. Take him to the General Hospital in Los Angeles.”

There I was told had the wound been just a inch to the left my heart would have been gone.  For three days I was on the critical list.

1991 I was told I had prostate cancer of a severe nature.  However an operation has allowed me to live 22 more years.  Each a time I saw or faced death I thought of the hereafter and all the different stages of life I have lived. It was difficult to deal with the events and stages of life until I read your book. Many thanks.

Dr. Henry G. Clute, DVM

With her refined and poetic use of language, Dr. Lois West Bristow’s book, Death Comes Not as a Stranger, approaches the often-difficult subject of death with grace and intelligence as she invites the reader to see a transformation rather than an end. She shines a new light into what may be the greatest mystery of all, the natural transformation, the flowing next step in this beautiful dance we call existence. Reading Dr. Bristow’s story brought a new sense of peace that freed me to more fully enjoy each moment of my life.

Shemai Rodriguez
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Beautiful presentation! Loved her words, poise, and presence. Lois is awesome.

Richard Nagy, DDS
Periodontist, Lecturer

What a wonder presentation. Beyond Excellence! What words are applicable? Brilliant, engaging, animated, inspiring, creative, energizing, and those are only a few that come to mind.

David Bona, PhD
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Chair Emeritus, Depth Psychology

Although her work demonstrates rigor and academic discipline, Dr. Bristow’s words do not lose their poetic grace as she uses story to bring theory alive and into the common experiences of ordinary lives.

Malca Lebell, PhD
Psychologist (Retired)
Santa Barbara, California

I first met Lois during the welcoming ceremony at Pacifica, initiating a very special friendship even though our ages differ by decades and our homes lie a continent apart. My fondness and admiration for Lois continue to grow. I am grateful to have witnessed as she, at the age of 80, patiently unearthed and held with sympathy the most painful, and yet revealing, vulnerabilities of her life-long individuation journey. She is an example that if one remains humbly, yet courageously vulnerable, life will progressively reveal its mysteries and wonders. I am honored to be her friend.

Jim Blalock
Doctoral Candidate
Kittery, Maine