Second Edition

After months away, this website will become alive again. The Second Edition of Death Comes Not as a Stranger is here and can be ordered wherever books available: through book stores, on the internet at and Amazon, on e-publishing sites Kindle, Nook, and iBookstore. This book can be reviewed easily on the “look inside” feature of Amazon.

The book includes additional material and is all dressed up in a new cover design. It pleases me to share some of the comments people have written. New comments will be shared as they come in.

MaryAnne C. from NY writes:

 “When my friend told me I had to read Death Comes Not as a Stranger, I thought she’d lost it! Who wants to read a book about death anyway? But she was right. Reading this book changed my outlook on my life and on death. So helpful! Now I’m telling my friends they have to read it.”

Jeff M. from Missouri writes:

 “Enjoy a book about death? Yeah. Sure. But I really did enjoy it. This book really helped me a lot.”






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