Praise for Death Comes Not as a Stranger

Told through the lens of her own experiences, Lois West Bristow’s ability to weave together emotion with the intellectual study of death makes for a thought provoking read. It gave me pause to consider death in a different way, but doing so brought both understanding and peace.

Chery Popiel
Retired Teacher

Dr. Bristow gently holds up her lamp against the darkness of death revealing wisdom and compassion.  She has a poetic wisdom that makes her storytelling both compelling and real. Her book offers hope and meaning for life’s end, not as a defeat but as the completion of life.

Stephen Jones, PhD
Director, Sarah House
Santa Barbara, California

As soon as I read the stunning poem I knew this book was right for me. And then came the commanding first sentence in the introduction, “I knew that I wanted to be present at my death.” I’ve always imagined my ideal death to be simply falling asleep never to awaken.

As I read the author felt so close. Perhaps because she seemed so vigilantly truthful in all she shares. Perhaps it was the resonance of the soul dimension? Dr. Bristow is a worthy words-smith, gifted in her choice and flow of words. Elegant and direct. The telling of Charles’ dying astounded and held me.

The author and I share common ground—the quest for the sacred, soul, meaning, healing, consciousness. I was struck by Jung’ s quote, “I am and remain in search of myself, of the truth peculiar to myself.”

“Now I am. It is—not was or will be.” Being present. Not arguing with what is. All this was a major turning point for me, unfolding welcomed new perspectives and experiences. The vast and steadfast awareness I experience in meditation or any quiet moment I look within seems compatible with the author’s concept of “keel of contentment,” the “being our selves,” and knowing our “who-we-are-ness.”

When I first read the words “the sacredness of death” I was surprised that I was surprised. Yes, death is sacred and too sacred to miss. I want to be conscious at my death. Being aware makes a difference and even works wonders. Not until reading this book had I truly pondered dying with awareness. This book is timely. It fulfills the promises others have written about it. It’s a gift of truths and inspiration for weaving our way through life and death. I certainly have found it thus. It’s a gem.

Jeralyn Scott McCarthy
County Cork, Ireland