By Way of Introduction . . .

Lois sitting in the garden with a cup of teaAs I learned of the Internet’s capacities for communication, my reluctance to join the millions already at home there turned to excitement. I know how much I have learned from others. Perhaps I can reciprocate by sharing some of the things I have learned with you.

Lessons learned seem to outnumber lessons taught. Joyously enlightening or painfully harsh, truth has a way of healing us, and if we are open, of enabling us to grow.

7 responses to “By Way of Introduction . . .”

  1. Judy Baerg

    Ah Lois – watching your video and hearing your voice isn’t quite as good as being there with you, but it’s close! Love your website, and love you!

  2. Linda Marzullo

    Lois, love your website! You did a great job on this.

  3. Kristi Ellis

    Looks good Lois….. I will spread the word!!!!!

  4. Christine and Charles MacCrone

    There are many websites in the world, and then there is the website of Lois Bristow! Is there anything this woman can’t do?

    Lois, thank you for being my friend and allowing me the privilege of being yours.

    Here’s to more fabulousness in your life!


  5. Mona Rohn

    Dear dear, Lois –
    I just had an opportunity to look at your beautiful website. It definitely reflects the Lois that I had the good fortune to meet in October of 2011. The site reflects the beautiful angelic soul that helped my family through such a difficult time. I cannot tell you how much we learned from you. Thank you so much……..

  6. Barbara Fedors

    I arrived at your website this evening. The beauty of wisdom I read opened up a deep calm in me. This is a gorgeous gift to the world. I go to sleep tonight with a peace I wish for everyone. Thank you with love, Barbara

  7. Lynne Wintersteller-McGrath

    Just listened to a podcast on Law Of Attraction Radio with Jewels. Your voice & deep wisdom drew me onto your website and your book “Death Comes Not As A Stranger.” I’m buying numerous copies – for myself and for three dear friends who in the span on one week, all “transitioned” a parent. I didn’t know how to support them. Your book will say it all. Thank YOU for sharing YOUR LIFE with the world! May God continue to Abundantly Bless You Lois!


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