A Thumb-Nail Sketch

My first real job was teaching fifth grade. A move from elementary school to junior high was followed by teaching at community colleges and later, by teaching courses at the graduate level. Creative writing, structuring a classroom environment that encourages creative expression, parenting skills, management skills for women, and ways women can own their power are all workshops I have conducted. During the 1970s and 1980s, I lectured on a variety of subjects throughout the country. Eight years as a county commissioner provided a rich source of opportunities to learn about life as an elected official. Except for the time in public office, I have been self-employed since 1969. From 1970-1979, I owned and directed a small, thriving consulting firm that worked primarily with colleges, universities, and school districts, as well as with small businesses and educational research labs. In my 82 years, I have experienced an abundance of successes and failures and learned in the process.

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